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Thank you for learning about our lease purchase program and the homes we currently have available.  We understand that leasing offers you the flexibility to save some money for a future down payment and qualify for a mortgage if you are interested in buying a home.  We also understand that credit issues may be holding you back from obtaining a mortgage either now or in the future. 


We do not have a minimum credit score requirement.  Don't let your current credit issues stop you from contacting us and discussing your particular challenges. Our programs may be a real possibility for you.  We try to be very flexible with credit issues.  We do look at an applicant's payment history and concentrate on open credit lines.  We like to see on-time payments made over the last 12-18 months and decent rental history if applicable.  If you have older collection items we can usually work with you.  Facts such as good rental history, good affordability and a solid down payment can also help off-set credit issues.   


While you are in our lease purchase program, it is important to improve your credit so you can qualify for a home loan with a good interest rate.


Don't hesitate to call 614-433-9100 for additional information or to discuss your personal situation.

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