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We are fortunate to have a well established selection of floor plans and our own in-house architect.  We offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to the design of your home.  We can build one of our designs, make custom changes or create an entirely new design for you. 


Also, if you have a floor plan in mind, we can design it and build it.  If you own a home and are interested in an addition, we have the experience to make it a reality for you.


Autumnwood owns building lots in various communities across central Ohio in numerous school districts.  You can build on one of our lots or we can build on a lot you own.  The possibilities are endless and we welcome an opportunity to talk with you about your individual build and design needs.  

If you are in a position now to qualify for financing and are interested in new construction, please call us at 614-433-9100.

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